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What began as a modest company in 2006, APS has transformed into a global leader in supplying Spiral Welded Tubing products for the Oil & Gas and Filtration industries.


For over a decade now, we have become the market choice for Oilfield Screen manufacturers looking for high quality and efficient supply of bespoke Oilfield Screen Shrouds and standalone Punch Slot Screens.  


We have also developed a niche in supplying Permeate tubing for Filter Cores used in Industrial filtration processing. 


APS manufacturers all Shrouds using our unique engineered
Spiral Processing Mills, coupled with our precision stamping.  In performing all processes in-house, we have full control of the quality output of our products.

ISO9001:2015 qualified, and certified to Singapore safety class BizSafe level 4.

About Us

Start of Operations

in a  6,000sqft facility

Surpassed supply of over

1 million ft of shroud

Expanded to

16,000sqft facility. 

Surpassed supply of over 2 million ft of Shroud

Attained BizSafe 

Level 4

Certified ISO9001:2015.

Surpassed supply of over 3 million ft of Shroud.

Expanded to 22,000 sqft facility.
Development & Commercialisation of Weldless Shroud Adaptor Fastener


 Spiral Welded Perforated tubing worldwide supplier

About us

Exceeding Customer confidence by providing them professionalism in the highest value products in terms of quality, cost, delivery and service.

Our Mission

To consistently be regarded as:

  • A Supplier of Choice;

  • An Employer of Choice;

  • The Investment of Choice.

Our Vision



APS-Values 2.png

Track Record

In aiming for product excellence, APS has grown to a unparallel achievement supplying over 3,800,000 ft. of Oilfield Screen Shrouds, and 300,000 ft of Punch Slot Screens.  We have also supplied over 20,000 units of Downstream Filter Core products.

Track record


APS is certified to Singapore Safety Class, bizSAFE4.


We hold ‘Safety’ of all Visitors, Employees, Subcontractors & Suppliers in the highest esteem. All visitors can expect an uncompromised safe environment during their visit.


Further to the safety of people, we also ensure that our product is safe to use, by deburring all edges, and also safeguarding our packaging to verify they are not overloaded, and risk-free to unload or unstuffing from containers.We also ensure that we recycle all scrap and dispose of any waste material ethically.

Biz safe 4.png


APS is an ISO9001:2015 certified company. All jobs come with comprehensive quality dossier highlighting all inspections reports, material certificates used on the job. You can expect ‘full traceability’ on all your jobs.

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