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3 Pioneer Sector Walk Singapore 627897


Tel.+65 6862 2980

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• Multiple Pattern Round Stamped pattern

• Vector/Bridge slotted

• Pattern Dimple Spat Stamped pattern

• Shrouds with Blank Ends

• Blank Shrouds

Standard Shrouds

Standard Shroud. APS ITEM 1 PS 1.png

An Insight view of our valuable product range.



• Fibre Optic dimple/channel

• Hinged Shrouds

• Punch Slotted Sand Filtration Shroud Jackets

Speciality Shrouds

Speciality Shroud - APS ITEM 6 PS 3.png


• Punch Slotted Screens full assembly with base-pipe

• Tracer Carrier Subs

Full Assembly

Full Assembly - APS ITEM 8 PS 2.png
Other Product - SPLIT COVER PS 2.png


• Gravel Pack Shunt Tubes

•  Screen Adaptor Rings

• Collapse Sleeves

• Gravel Pack Split Hinged Shrouds

• Permeate Tubing – Industrial Filtration

Other Products

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